Why you have to choose Renaissance Star? Why us and not someone else?

First of all, for our infrastructure and the company’s strategic location. So, our company based in Galati, 210 Basarabiei Street, is located eight km far from Republic of Moldova border (Giurgiulesti) and Ukraine no more than 1 km far from marine-fluvial ports Docuri and Bazinul Nou.

If we talk infrastructure about, we have to mention the 5,000sqm of warehouses and over 10,000sqm of open aria for storage the merchandises.

A railway station in exclusive use (Larga B) with two warehouses and open area for storage the goods, railway station owning broad-gauge lines is the ideal place to load and unload the goods for export, import or transit to/from eastern area (from Republic of Moldova to the Sea of Japan and China).

The handling of goods implies the existence of specialized modern equipment and qualified staff. Also the accomplishment of customs formalities is compulsory, consequently a customs brokerage office is absolutely required. Our company is able to perform all these services.

Regarding the transport of the goods, our company can to propose the most effective solutions concerning the railway, auto, sea or fluvial transport. Should not overlook the fact that we can provide, in the case of the transport by rail, full expedition services on north and eastern borders, meaning Galati, Cristesti Jijia (Iasi), Dornesti si Halmeu.

Our company has four departments, three of them dealing with import / export of salt, fertilizers and other chemicals, agricultural equipment, enjoying a nationwide distribution network and the forth being specialized in logistic. The staff is highly qualified and speaks fluently several languages.

In the other hand, our connections with reliable partners in Europe, Asia and North Africa gives us the opportunity to be able to meet every requirement of our clients, be it the sale and purchase of goods or transport.

And last but not least, our mind to explore the “new ways to improve” is the engine of our constant development and, at the same time, the guarantee of the quality of goods and services provided.